Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Exchange┬▓

...I look straight in his eyes.
"One-hundred thousand right?"
"...That's right," he replies. He's also holding a briefcase of his own.
"You got my stuff?" I ask him.
"Right here." His gruntled voice still reminds me of a pig. He shows me his briefcase.
I throw him my case and he prepares to open it. He keeps his eyes on me, being as cautious as possible...

The Exchange┬▓

I lunge forward and kick him in the face. He falls backward and hits the ground. His body makes a crack as it hits the stone wall. I wouldn't be surprised if the wall almost broke behind him because of his size. I pull out my gun simultaneously and aim forward. Both black briefcases lie on the ground next to him. The sewage is still loud and disgusting. It's dark and desolate down here. Nobody else can hear or see us. He sits on the ground and I aim my gun at him. He is breathing heavily. The murky water continues to splash onto the sidewalk.

I pull out my communicator and say nothing, continually staring at him.
A little alien is on the screen.
I speak into the transponder. "I got him. Send in the pick-up unit."
I keep my eyes on him while I speak into the communicator.
Grun looked up. "Who are you..."
I look down on him and I keep my mouth shut.
The little alien responds to me. "North exit, rendezvous in three minutes."
"Roger that," I reply.
"What are you a bounty hunter?" Grun asks me.
I try to restrain myself from laughing but manage to make a smile.
"No... nothing like that," I blurt out.
"So you're a cop..." He says.
I don't reply, but he knows it's true.
There is a moment of silence.
I take out a pair of restrainer cuffs from my trench coat. They're small and pale blue. I throw them to Grun.
"Put those on. If you don't, I'll shoot you."
He stares at me and puts them on. He stands up and then I remember just how massive he really is.
"Pick up the briefcases," I order him.
He walks over and manages to grab both briefcases with his hands. All the while I'm keeping my distance, still aiming my gun at him.
It's dark and dirty down here, and he's twice my size.
I pull out my communicator again. "How many minutes?"
The little alien responds. "Just one--"
I look away from him for one second to respond; fatal mistake.
The blow from the briefcase hits me in the eye. It feels like a splinter just ran through my skull. I fall down and splash in the gutty water. My body is engulfed in the disgusting stuff and I lose my perception. He starts to run away with his briefcase filled with drugs.
I leap out and drag myself onto the sidewalk, wet and in pain.
The communicator is on the ground several feet from me. A voice shouts out from it. "What happened? Did he escape?"
I manage to get my strength back and crawl over to the communicator. I can hear Grun's loud foosteps running away.
"Yeah... can you track him?" I ask.
"You'll have to hurry..."
I start the chase.

To Be Concluded.

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