Thursday, December 08, 2005


[Kendric's Story] :: Part IV

I'm lying in my bed, peacefully, resting in this hospital. I know I'm safe here, safe from those men. I see a clock up on the wall in front of me. It ticks, and it tocks. My room is dark, it's after hours. Time seems eternal in my little room. It's dark but I can hear the city outside.

The bullet wounds have recovered, and the doctors say I'll be as good as new. A week ago I got out of bed for the first time. The doctors asked me if I had any family they should notify. I told them no.

They're releasing me tomorrow. I'm gonna get out of here, I'm gonna skip town... I'm gonna go home.

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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Part 3?

[Kendric's Story] :: Part III

Everyone is back in the warehouse. Fonso drags Kendric's lifeless body in. It's still raining outside. Several men in trench coats are standing in the warehouse. Fonso drops Kendric down in the center, face down. Outside, a shorter man exits the automobile and makes his way to the warehouse. He is several inches shorter than the rest and he is wearing a dark coat and a hat. He is an older man, and has wrinkles on his face. He is escorted by a man at his side who carries his umbrella. They come under the awning and approach the group.

It's cold inside the warehouse. Many of the men are shivering and trying hard to keep warm. Everyone's breath is visible in the cold.

The short man approaches the group.
"Is he dead?" The short man asks.
Kendric is still lying on the ground, bloody and tired. He coughs up some blood.
The short man looks up. "Fonso!" He yells.
"He try to run?"
"That's right."
The short man walks over to Kendric and looks down on him. "Kid... this was your one chance, and you blew it. You don't have the guts to join us." The short man looks around. "I'm wasting my time..." The short man starts to walk away.
Kendric looks up with his last ounce of strength. "My father would--"
The short man stops. He turns back. "You're not even half the man your father was. You're a good for nothing punk. You couldn't even kill a man if your life depended on it."
The short man walks out of the group and starts to head back for the car. Fonso walks up to Kendric and pulls his gun out. He stretches his arm out and aims for Kendric's head. He looks down the barrel and starts to pull the trigger. The short man is almost outside now. Kendric is shivering and he knows his death is at hand. He is afraid of that fifth bullet.

"Wait." The short man stops.
Fonso turns his head, still keeping the gun on Kendric.
"Don't kill him." The short man says.
"Don't question my orders."
Fonso stares forward, still holding the gun out at Kendric. His mouth is cracked opened and he continues to stare at his boss.
"Come on boys, we're leaving," the short man says.
Fonso holsters his gun and looks down on Kendric. "You got lucky kid."
Everyone starts to exit the building, leaving Kendric by himself. He's lost alot of blood by now.

The man who was on top of the wooden crates still sits there. He is about to leave with the rest of the gang.
"Marty..." Kendric coughs.
Marty turns to face him as he is about to leave. "...I'll call an ambulance for you. But dont thank me Ken, I never knew you..."

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